Because of your computer skills and your familiarity with the planet, you have been selected to accompany Brim Darkstar and his crack Unit Five team of troubleshooters to the planet New Pale in an effort to discover why  all communication had been cut off with the Frontier's most important supplier of food.

Landing in a field, you are about to begin your investigation of the planet when suddenly a gigantic machine, with rows of sharp spikes on its front, begins to crash through the field toward you! You realize the spikes of the har- vester agbot could grind you to fodder in sec- onds if you don't do something immediately.

What will you do?

  1. If you want to try to stop the agbot by attempting to get to its manual controls, turn to page 116.
  2. If you choose to try to stop the agbot by shooting it with your laser gun, turn to page 146.
  3. But if you want to run for your space craft and try to get away, turn to page 10.
Whatever choice you make, you are sure to find adventure as you seek to unravel 
the secret of the