Exciting adventure on an alien world
is yours as YOU find yourself stranded on the
forbidding planet Volturnus. You control your
fate as you battle the evil space pirates,
strange and shapeless Dralasites, or the terri-
ble quickdeath monster!

What will you do?

Having sought help from a spiderlike alien tribe, you must undergo the Ritual of the Quickdeath before they will believe you intend them no harm and will give you aid.

  1. "Don't do it, Kyiki!" says your Compu- Pal friend, Ting. "I can't see the crea- ture, but it sounds terrible. Don't take chances!" If this is your choice, turn to page 35.
  2. "But surely I should do whatever I can to get home, including fighting this horrible creature," you reply. If this is your choice, turn to page 124.
Whichever your path, you are sure to find adventure, as you encounter the