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The Omega Combine, or 'The Edge' as it is commonly known in the frontier, is an alternate setting for the Star Frontiers® universe. Like many others, I have taken fond memories of early gaming experience and placed them out for all to see. This sight is constantly being changed, due to the fact that most of my material is hard copy. While many items will be moved around, most of it should be here for future reference.


blackball.gif (324 bytes) Laws and Regulations Currently not available

Every sector of space have their own rules. Newcomers to the area should be well familiarized with local customs laws and regulations when visiting the Edge. (House Rules)

redball.gif (334 bytes) Life on the Edge Under Construction

This Section pertains to areas of interest in Edge space. It discusses the different powers in the Edge, from Megacorporations to Governments, History to current affairs, everything anyone wanted to know about the Edge.

blueball.gif (334 bytes) StarCraft To Star Frontiers Under Construction

One of my many projects is to tie StarCraft into Star Frontiers. So far I have only created a timeline. This timeline is taken from StarCraft, Insurrection, and retribution campaigns and made them into a long timeline.

blueball.gif (334 bytes) Scavenger

Read the ongoing listserver story contributed by various fans of Star Frontiers.

blueball.gif (334 bytes) SF WebRing

If you have an SF Web Site, join the SF WebRing and make it a little easier to be found on the net.

greenball.gif (334 bytes) Links

These are ties Edgers have made to Frontier Space. If you enjoyed the Edge, these are some of the places to visit in the frontier.

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