average size:
average mass:
average life span:
body temperature:
1.7m tall
70kg (male) 50kg (female)
160 years
heterosexual, viviparous


Physical appearance and structure:
Threns are short, strong humanoids.  They are basically Human in physical appearance.  The backbone protrudes a little at the base of the spine and continues to the over the skull into the nose bridge.  This organ is a combination of several things; it cools the blood by regulating the amount of blood flowing through it and the speed at which it flows, is an attractant between sexes and several other things.  They have no body hair and no sweat glands and are in constant danger of overheating in hot conditions.  They have two canine eye teeth, are generally shorter and swifter than Humans.  They are caucasian.

Threns' senses of hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight are equivalent to Humans'.

Threns have no trouble speaking Human, Yazirian or PanGal languages.  Their own language is somewhat guttural like German, Russian and Japanese.

Society and customs:
Threns are militant, Spartan like mentalities.  Thren culture is based on mental and physical prowess and speed and agility.  They hold an annual Olympics and award winners.  Competition is very high among professions. Threns train at the beginning of life with weapons because they are warlike perfectionist.  They constantly attempt to out do their peers and try to excel in anything they do.  They are somewhat cynical and proud.  There are no Thren cowards because they are eliminated through strenuous training conditions.  As a result, Threns are not widespread.  There is no sexual discrimination between Threns and both sexes perform almost equally well, although males and females excel in certain categories.  They are furious fighters who fight to the death and work equally as well.  They are communistic, cold, clinical societies.  No Threns let their bodies grow out of shape.  Their tempers are extremely short, though, and this has led to some skirmishes, especially with Yazirians.  But the Sathar have united these problems and Yazirians and Threns view each other as almost equals. Any cowards or overweight people are despised and should be "exterminated".  Laziness, cowardess, obesity, lying and any "vice" addictions are treated with capitol punishment in all Thren societies.  These people don't even smoke.

Threns very, very seldomly bluff.  They are moody and cynical.  They do not start fight but generally finish them.  They are efficient and brisk in all dealings, social or otherwise.  They like most races but Dralasites are a wonder to Threns, who often view them with indifference.  They respect Vrusk culture.

Special abilities:
Threns concentrate on physical and military prowess.  They train at very early ages to become adept with weapons.  Because of this they gain a +15% on their chance to hit with a weapon of their choice.  If this roll is successful they gain a +15 if they're standing still, a +10 if walking and a +5 if running or dodging.  The +15 is added when they take CAREFUL AIM on a solid surface, where they get another +15 bonus.  This is only applied to the weapon of their choice.  Threns also get to add 5 to any ability (as Humans) because of their vigorous training and emphasis on being the best of their league.

Comments: This is Fornaxiter, or Fornax.  He is a Thren and that thing running over his head follows the spine to it's end.  That thing is a sweat gland and something like an emotional flag flyer - when they get ticked off it flames.  It also serves as a sort of sexual attractant between sexes.   They average 5', have canine teeth and are renowned for their speed (+10 RS).

They were highly militaristic but as an organized culture more so than loose-canon types as the Klingons were.  They are like ancient Spartans in their approach to life.  Slothfulness, theft, vice-addiction and lying are capitol crimes on their planets.

Fornax didn't like to labor and smoked and drank so the Thren cut out his tongue and pariahed him.  He was a mute who made his living gunnin' down slower life forms as his IR was 9, I think.


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