average size:
average mass:
average life span:
body temperature:
3m tall
300 years
heterosexual, ovoviviparous


Physical appearance and structure:
Clii'jak look like a cross between crustaceans and large insects.  Four arms protrude from their upper torso, two on each side.  They are bipedal and stand upright.  The head is above the shoulders.  It has two large, bulbous eyes that are slitted as a cat's eye.  These are red with black irises.  The mouth is noted as resembling a lobster's tail and has two blowpipes beneath, off to the side.  These function for breath and sound and also excreted waste material is blown out as smoke.  The tips of the appendage are used for taste and the pipes for smell.  They have ear holes below and behind their huge eyes.

Each hand has two long dexterous fingers with an equally dexterous opposing thumb.  These are covered with scales like the underside of a snake resulting in a fantastic grip, the scales can be maneuvered to "lock" and "release" this grip.  Their feet function much in the same way only on a larger basis.  The arms and legs are extremely thin and long but are noted for their tremendous strength.  A Clii'jak's skeleton is a hard crustaceous shell with internal muscles and external muscles connected to it.  The external muscles are covered with a skin.  Because of this double musculature this race has great strength.  This also avoids them from serious injury or bleeding to death, although they do get cuts and bruises and, if crushed, will certainly perish.  The skin is a lucid tan to deep gray color.

On their home planet they are tree climbers who hunt for prey and consume a coconut type of fruit which they tear open with the spurs on their wrists. They then insert their "mouth" appendage and use the tiny appendages on the underside to convey the food stuffs into their bodies at the bottom of the "flapper".  The appendages tear up any meat and excrete digestive juices as the food is ingested and masticated, offal is discarded (much like a modern juicer).  The waste is excreted as smoke, via the pipes, that has no solid shape.

They have a natural shock absorber built into their long legs.  This allows them to adjust their height and grip while climbing.  If they fall they suffer 1/4 damage or can fall 4 times the distance of other races to sustain equivalent damage.  This mechanism can also be used to withdraw and "cock" a leg (20% of the time) and then released to do quadruple kick damage.  Not many hinges survive on doors they go through in this manner.

Clii'jaks have extremely well developed color vision.  They see as well as Vrusk and more long wavelengths than humans.  Their sense of smell is not as acute as Humans, but their sense of taste is highly developed and has a
wider range of detection than that of any other main species.  Their hearing is about the same degree as Humans'.

Clii'jak speech is extremely complex.  They communicate by "flapper" clacks and by inhaling/exhaling and dilating their blowpipes to make a wide variety of sounds.  PanGal is not a problem.

Society and customs:
Clii'jaks are gentle and thoughtful concerning others' feelings.  They are very protective of their belongings and young.  They are usually unaggressive but are frightening opponents when angered.  Yazirians even watch how they treat Clii'jaks.  A Clii'jak tolerates and even enjoys jokes about his/her personal self but grows irate if harmful jokes are placed on loved ones or innocents.  Their society is based on one family clans.  These clans live and work together in mutual status.  Clii'jak wars are numbered few.  They enjoy complementing others to the point of annoyance and value most importantly friends and friendship.  They will place themselves in grave serious jeopardy just to protect the name of their friends.  A Clii'jak is held in high esteem according to the number of his friends. They look down on lying and pride.  They are gentle giants.

Clii'jaks get along well with all other races.  They respect Yazirians and Threns and thoroughly enjoy the company of Dralasites.  They like Humans the most due to their adaptabilities and inventiveness.  They are extremely loyal when trust is proven.

Special Abilities:
Because of their shock absorber legs they can leap great distances (twice that of Humans) and can fall 4 times the distance of other races, sustaining equivalent damage.  They also have a +20% chance of cocking and releasing a leg to deal 4 times the damage of a regular kick/blow.

Comments: These things had something like an exo/endo skeleton. Their bones were tubular so there were muscles attached thin and frail. They were evolved from tree dwellers and excreted wastes as smoke from the pipes on their heads. The legs were natural shock absorbers to off-set the impact of falling great heights. Sort of a crustacean thing.

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