average size:
average mass:
average life span:
body temperature:
2m tall
150 years
heterosexual, viviparous
28 - 30C & by external means


Physical appearance and structure:
Slirrysi appear as 2m tall bipedal lizards.  They are fully reptilian but their young are born alive.  They have two eyes, no external ears and their jaws unhinge to ingest food.  They have long arms with five digit hands, each with an opposable thumb.  They are slight of build and smell with their tongues.  Their body temperatures are maintained synthetically.  They are sluggish when cold but have lightning like reflexes when warm.  Their skin is a scaly grey-brown to dark green in hue.  Their home planet is a jungled swamp land setting.  They have a 2 - 1.5m long tail that serves to maintain balance and as a sexual attractant.  Females' tails turn bright orange, red or blue when they are fertile.  Their skeletons are formed with "break-away" joints.  When a finger, toe, foot, hand, leg, arm or tail is trapped they can simply break from the trapped limb.  This is painless and the limb or digit will regrow in a period of d10 days (digit), d10 weeks (hands/feet) or d10 months (limb/tail).

Slirrysi's main sense is smelling.  Their eye sight, tasting and touch are relative to Humans'.  Their  hearing is slightly less.  They have a 6th sense; through extra-sensitive nerve endings throughout their skin they can feel vibrations.  This is useful for detecting approaching enemies or ungainly rumblings in an engine housing for example.

Slirrys speech is comprised of hisses, slurrings, jaw-claps and the abrupt inhaling or exhaling of air.  They have trivial difficulty speaking other languages on a Pan Gal format.

Society and customs:
Slirrysi society is based on clan-like tribes with a common pheromone trait.  Their clan kinsman are recognized by smell.  The females become sexually fertile once each year.  They spend this time (1/12th of a standard year) preparing a nest if they can smell males-of-age in their vicinity, otherwise the time passes by.  Usually mating is indiscernible from violence and in Slirrys communities the tribe participates in raising the young.  In this way strong ties are built around smells and not facial recognition.  There is no greater affinity for brothers or sisters or mothers or fathers other than that they all smell like the tribe.  They do not mate for life and it is very common for cross-breeding between siblings, parents-to-siblings, etc.  Although males are larger they have a matriarchal society in that the odor of the tribe is inherited through the females.  It is not uncommon for the females to have their tails fully attired at all times.  They often hiss when confronted with enemies or frightened.
The young spend one year being contributed to and then begin contributing and fending for themselves.  They achieve adulthood in 15 - 20 years from birth.  Unguents and aromas can elicit great responses from a Slirrys.

Special abilities:
Slirrysi can detect vibrations through extra-sensitive nerve endings throughout their skin.  They have +10% chance to detect sounds of this nature, e.g. the approach of a hidden creature, ungainly machinery rumblings, heart murmurs in a patient, etc.  This assists those that choose tech or med abilities.  They can automatically detect heart murmurs in their own bodies.  In addition, Slirrysi also have break-away joints.  They can simply snap off an arm, leg, hand, foot, toe, finger or tail if necessary.  This isn't exactly painless and can be embarrassing among their own kind but it doesn't cause damage.  A digit will regrow in d10 days; hands/feet, d10 weeks; and limbs/tail, d10 months.  Certain drugs and medical supplies will cut the time in half.  Also, Slirrysi may have one extra limb punch, kick or jab every other round by employing their tail.  After each attempt they need a full round to "gather" their tail semblance for another attempt.

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