average size:
average mass:
average life span:
body temperature:
1m (body), 2m tall with extended necks
200 years
heterosexual, viviparous


Physical appearance and structure:
Peelovens are not humanoidal.  They have a short, tripedal body with two heads.  The heads are flat, hairless and consist of one eye each.  In addition, the mouths have lips that extend about 3 cm from their vegetarian teeth.  The lips are dry and are knobbed; these function as hands.  Their eyes are generally blue to green and they use their tongues as we do fingers, thumbs, etc.  At the base of the necks is their skull and brain, covered by a thick mane of snow-white hair. Their front feet are set wide apart and form an equilateral triangle with the rear foot/hoof.  The mane follows the spine down to the rear foot, which can be lethal when used for kicking.  Their necks can telescope or extend like a turtle's and can reach any portion of their body.  Peelovens must gain status to reproduce and have no sex until this is accomplished, then the Peeloven either becomes male, female or host.  Male sperm and female eggs are deposited in the fertile host, who must be fertile for insemination to occur.  The act can be performed with either two separate combinations of two or a combination of all three participants.

Peelovens' chief sense is sight.  Their ears are on their skull - one behind each neck.  They feel and taste with their mouths and have a nostril under each eye.  All senses are equivalent to Humans'.

Peeloven speech is fluent, complex and poetic upon listening.  They have no difficulty speaking a less complex language like Pan Gal.

Society and customs:
Peelovens are followers of what is called "heard instincts".  They are generally cowards and go to extreme degrees of caution.  Because of this they are easily panicked.  They are advanced in culture and business, but
when their "Wall St." plummets it really panics!  Peelovens are shrewd business "men"; but, due to their extreme cowardice, usually transact through hired representatives.  They must gain status to reproduce by making a worthwhile contribution to the whole (overpopulation because all threats are systematically dealt with).  The majority are always correct and any individuals speaking out or with different views are considered unorthodox
and dangerous.  Adventuring Peelovens are extremely rare, considered unorthodox, and any Peeloven who knowingly places itself in danger is insane according to the whole.  This matter is also valid with unwise business transactions or risky business ventures.  They are generally peaceful and are out to earn a profit and satisfy customers.  They make exceptional hosts, fine politicians, brilliant artists but horrible militarists.  War is an insane activity, consisting of multitude risks with uncertain to no profit margin(s).  Peeloven language had no word to express the concept of war until the Sathar threat.  The word is now a blend of "insane" and "unorthodox".  All Peeloven police and military activities consist mostly of robotics and hired Yazirians or Humans (Threns despise Peeloven culture).  99% of the time they back down from a bluff, even if it is a completely
outrageous, silly one.  When in danger they revert to running with one head low to the ground and one head held high.  If cornered they attempt to hide by ducking their heads to the base of their skull and under their bodies,
sitting on them much like an ostrich's buried head in the sand.  They are noted to have outbreaks of nervous quivering and scientists wonder why they haven't grown a shell.  They are not athletically inclined but when
frightened they can out-distance the fastest Vrusk.  Since they cannot lie very well, due to the fear of detection, Sathar attempts at making Peeloven agents are usually abandoned as futile exploits.  This is further magnified
by Peelovens' great distrust of Sathar.

Peelovens get along fine with all races except Yazirians and Threns.  Yazirians frighten them and Threns, who treat cowardice with capitol punishment, terrorize them.  Joint military efforts against the Sathar are usually funded by Peelovens and manned by the other races.  Peelovens go to great lengths to appease Yazirians or Threns without being too bothersome.

Special abilities:
Peelovens are naturally suspicious of any person, place, thing or object.  Because of this they have a base chance of +15% to detect if a person, place, thing or object poses a possible danger to it or others.  In addition they learn languages extremely fast, usually upon hearing spoken words.

Additional notes:
Peelovens curious gesture of staring at it's own head is their equivalent to perplexity or laughing.  They will go catatonic if too stressed out, a sort of involuntary opossum thing.

Comments: Peeloven are actually Niven's Puppeteers.  I fell in love with this race, can you imagine their heads being mimicked by puppeteers?  When I drew them they came out too blocky.  They should be graceful herd animals with elongated heads to keep their faces away from snakes, etc. while grazing.  They would be sleek and narrow legged hoofed deer.  Somebody should draw these damned things more appropriately.  Their
heads are small and flat though because their brain is not in them.

Kenn's Sketches:
Front View | Side View
Niven's B&W Sketch:
Etched Puppeteer

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