Wolfbane Development Corp Finds Lost City by Timothy R. Norris

Wolfbane Alpha I Image - Property of Timothy R. Norris
Wolfbane Alpha I

Wolfbane Alpha I, Wolfbane Alpha System - The Wolfbane Development Corp has recently found a lost city on their previously claimed planet in an unexplored star system that is in the middle of the Belnafaer-Dixon's Star-Athor triangle.

The WDC had been conducting "training" exercises, types are unknown, when this discovery was found.

Many government and private organizations, which have contracts with WDC for research, design, development and manufacturing, are being held at bay about any further information of this new find.

All we were able to find out about this "Lost City" is that it was found in the desert on Wolfbane Alpha 1, that the city (recently named Cynidcea by researchers on WBA1) had seemed to fall some 210 centuries ago, and that their may still be a lost civilization somewhere within this city. Recent evidence indicates that this new civilization may have been within the city some 50 years ago. 

If there is a new civilization, will they be of evil origin like the Sathar, or of a primitive or advanced origin such as those found on Volturnus?

Property of Timothy R. Norris
The Lost City

Editor's Note: This recent find is actually a conversion from TSR's D&D module B4: "The Lost City" which he hopes to convert into a NEW module for anyone wishing to play it. This module will contain those new creatures found on the author's web site as new creatures / races. Stay Tuned for more upcoming information!