Property of Timothy R. Norris

 Property of Timothy R. Norris


The WolfeBane Development Corporation, WDC, was created in the year 9 f.y.

This company was created to design advanced military weaponry by government and private organizations, which have contracts with WDC for research, design, development and manufacturing.

Headquarters: WolfeBane Alpha I, WolfeBane Alpha System (recently released to the public) - Located on an unexplored star system that is in the middle of the Belnafaer-Dixon's Star-Athor triangle.
Chief Executive: Brim Darkstar (Former Star Law Ranger)
Subsidiaries: WDC is fronted so well that subsidiaries are relatively unknown.
Allies: CDC, NET, A.I.P.S., T.I.
Enemies: PGC
Occasional Enemies: GTF, MercCo, WarTech Inc.

The company LOGO was designed by AnDru Clayton. He described the logo as the following:
   "The red swoosh represents the advancing creation and expansion of the frontier. The blue diamond represents our company. The full logo represents the fact that our company is leading the way of the frontier. We have some of the most sophisticated technology that the frontier has to offer. We work along with various star systems and races to create most everything we offer to the local governments."
When asked about the various star systems he was referring to, his reply: "I can't comment." We tried to ask a few more times, but his reply: "We deal with classified technology and information. I am very sorry I cannot help you any further or give you any more information."
Seeing the listing of their Allies and Enemies leads this reporter to believe there may be more to the WDC than they lead on to the public.

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Due to another site that had created their name years after the above, I decided to re-name my Corporation.
The New Corporation will be named after the two founding members: "Wolfe" and "Bane".

The following logo is on the verge of being the replacement for the one above:

Property of Timothy R. Norris
or maybe even:

Property of Timothy Norris


Property of Timothy Norris


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Images here and on subsequent pages were created by Timothy R. Norris 1993-Present.
WDC, Wolfbane Development Corp and WolfeBane Development Corp are creations by Timothy R. Norris.
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