Code of Arms
for Ninja, Shogun, and Samuri


  1. Kill only in self-defense (except soldier-of-fortune and evil class)
  2. Fight to the Death (except Soldier-of-Fortune and evil class)
  3. Save all in Distress (except evil class)
  4. Will risk life in a life-and-death situation
  5. Good class can't use potions
  6. What class you are taught by, is what class you are (except Soldier-of-Fortune)
  7. Good classes:  
                              death-grip:        special hit to throat or back of neck.
    back of neck:   paralyzation (STA check).

                             throat:               d10 (1-7) take damage (8-10) death

  8. No spaceship skills allowed
  9. Any other skill than military costs 3x XP
  10. No other military skills allowed except those required
  11. Grenades: Ninja (yes) .. Shogun/Samuri (No)
  12. Any melee weapons are allowed
  13. All may hire people if deemed necessary
  14. All can use power belt packs and clips .. Samurai may also use power back packs
  15. Only Humans aer allowed to be Ninja, Shogun, or Samurai
  16. Good Ninja, Shogun, and Samurai can NOT gamble! They MUST earn money! They must also give 10% of all earnings to the poor or others in need!
  17. Good Ninja, Shogun, and Samurai who inherit wealth MUST give 25% away!
  18. For those characters who take other skills than those required (allowed) are stripped of skills, equipment, Code of Arms, and are outcast to be a normal human!
  19. Characters are NOT allowed to divulge what class your training was in!



Copyright 1984 Timothy Norris